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Viva Frei is locked out of Twitter after raising questions over Paul Pelosi attack story

YouTuber Viva Frei has been locked out of Twitter for replying to a thread by Media Matters’ Matthew Gertz and questioning the circumstances surrounding the attack on Paul Pelosi, the House Speaker’s husband, on Friday.

Media outlets have said that the suspect, David DePape, is a far-right extremist and alleged that the attack was politically motivated. Neighbors and local reports say that DePape is part of a “hippie collective.” Outside his home are BLM signs and Pride flags which they say contradicts the narrative. One neighbor told NBC that DePape is a “left-leaning nudist drug abuser.”

In a series of tweets, Gertz weighed in on the story.

“By week’s end, a sizeable percentage of the GOP base will believe an absurd conspiracy theory positing that Paul Pelosi was assaulted by his leftist gay lover,” Gertz started his Twitter thread. “Allow me to explain why.”

In response to one of the tweets, Frei wrote: “A 16-tweet thread with himself, explaining everything that happened, before police release bodycam footage. Or disclose where they found DePape’s clothing. And @MattGertz accuses others of conspiracy theory/disinformation. Massive events will generate massive discussion. Period.”

The tweet got him suspended for “violating one of our rules.”

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