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X CEO Linda Yaccarino Met With Pro-Censorship Group In the Weeks Ahead of X Suing CCDH

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The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a group facing a lawsuit, a congressional probe, and mounting accusations of participation in censoring internet users in collusion with the US government, is trying to fight back.

The lawsuit is the work of X (Twitter) owner Elon Musk, with the filing claiming that CCDH caused the social media company to lose advertisers by mounting a “scare campaign” and in the process violating its terms of service.

Soon after, Congressman Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary chairman, reacted by announcing an investigation into the UK-based non-profit that says it is tracking “misinformation” – but that critics say in fact helped the Biden White House censor what’s referred to as “disfavored speech” on social media.

Now, CCDH is responding to this by stating that the congressman is “confused” about the group’s activities, while at the same time defending what’s seen by many as collusion with the government.

The Washington Post writes that it has had exclusive access to documents that show CCDH was working with both parties in the US, i.e., those in government at a specific time (Mike Pompeo is mentioned in this context); the group is arguing that this disproves the Biden administration collusion accusations.

The newspaper also says it has seen CCDH’s emails exchanged with X – specifically, those between CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed and X CEO Linda Yaccarino this past June, shortly before the lawsuit was filed. The emails reportedly show that the two met.

“A follow-up” meeting is what one of Ahmed’s emails to Yaccarino reportedly requested – apparently with the goal of hearing her Trust and Safety at Twitter presentation in July.

It’s unclear what if anything this proves, particularly as an argument refuting allegations against CCDH – but a lawyer for the beleaguered “misinformation crusaders” suggested it proves that the organization was willing to “communicate robustly and candidly with social media companies.”

Perhaps the reason this communication is brought up at all by CCDH is Ahmed’s allegation during an interview that his outfit was asked to keep these meetings secret.

Meanwhile, regarding Congressman Jordan’s request to reveal any grants or funds received from the US government, CCDH has now said in a letter that it is funded “entirely by private donors and has never received any grants, entered into any contracts, or received any donations from the United States Government.”

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