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OnlyOffice 8.0 and the Dream of a Microsoft Office Alternative

OnlyOffice is an open source office suite licensed under the AGPL 3.0 license, and works on Windows and Linux systems. It features editor programs for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Version 8.0 of the software was released just a few weeks ago, and it is said that many improvements were brought program. It has been a …

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We Now Have a Forum

I started FOSS Post around 8 years ago in the hope of creating an independent online publication that covers untouched aspects of the open source world. Today, with millions of pageviews since its establishment and thousands of followers, I am very pleased to welcome all of you to our forums: Kindly read the detailed …

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How To Use QEMU To Test Operating Systems & Distributions

QEMU is a virtualization technology emulator that allows you to run operating systems and Linux distributions easily on your current system. It is like VMware or VirtualBox, but it is also free and open source, and uses open technologies to make virtualization possible. You can use it to emulate running any operating system you want …

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Are GTK+ developers destroying Linux desktop with their plans?

About GTK+ GTK+ is a graphical user interface toolkit that is used to build applications, developers can use GTK+ to create applications’ interfaces to provide the ease of use to end users. GTK+ is developed by the GNU team which is also leading the development for many other components of the GNOME project since 1999. GTK+ …

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Fedora Wants to Add Telemetry To its Linux Distribution

A proposal by a Red Hat engineer is causing controversy in the Fedora community, which is related to the addition of opt-out telemetry to the Fedora desktop workstation edition. The proposal describes a privacy-preserving data collection mechanism that could help the developers know more about their users and how they interact with Fedora, including various GNOME …

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